Murai Family Daiginjo 720ml

Murai Family Daiginjo 720ml

Exceptional Import

One of the finest Daiginjo saké ever made. Year after year the Murai Family Daiginjo is a prize with each sip.

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The pinnacle of the saké brewer's craft, this super premium Daiginjo is a long family tradition began ages ago when it was bottled only for competitions and held close to the family and brewer. One sip and you are transported across the Pacific to a courtyard where Taiko drummers and dragons dance, men wrestle and Geishas giggle. There is little in this world that is this wonderful.

Handmade by only the master brewer (Yoshio Koizumi) this saké is a Shizuku,  not put through a press but seperated from it's sediment by letting it drip slowly through cotton bags.

Be sure to pour a chilled bottle slowly and listen to the sound it makes. The bottle was designed by Kokichi Murai decades ago, specifically to bring saké to the sense of hearing.

Profile: Clean and lightly creamy across your tongue, it is very complex with full and layered flavors yet dry and smooth.

Enjoyment: We'd encourage pure enjoyment of this all on its own but if you are to pair it with food go lightly and keep the flavors soft and mellow to allow the saké shine in it's elegance.

Style: Daiginjo

Rice: Yamadanishiki      Polish: 45%          

Alc: 16%                        SMV: +5

Sulfites: 0                       Gluten: 0              Serve: Chilled, about 45 degrees F


Wine Specs

Varietal Sake
Alcohol % 16.0

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