Murai Family Daiginjo 720ml

Murai Family Daiginjo 720ml

The pinnacle of the saké brewer's craft, handmade by the only master sake brewer, Yoshio Koizumi, and wholeheartedly endorsed as one of the best sakés on the market. The Murai family paid extra attention to the fine details with not only the brewing of the saké, but even the bottle shape was designed specifically to enhance the sound of this luscious brew being poured. A gift for all your senses; this incredible brew should not be passed up.

Enjoyment: We'd encourage pure enjoyment of this all on its own, but if you are to pair it with food go light and keep the flavors soft and mellow to allow the saké shine in its elegance.

Rice: Yamadanishiki      

Polish: 45% 

SMV: +5         

ABV: 16%

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Alcohol % 16.0